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Online sales in the US are expected to reach $523 billion in the next five years, and mobile devices are expected to be a key driver in that growth. Not only is the US market huge, the barriers to play in the e-commerce space are also getting higher.

“Technology, language, legislation and globalization are important in relation to e-commerce. If you are lagging behind in one of these parameters, you might have troubles getting a chance before you have even getting started,” says Jay Frank, Business Development Manager, LEMAN USA.

The rethinking of logistics

Recently, LEMAN was invited by Danish-American Business Forum to guide companies into the US e-commerce market by key insights from the perspective of a logistics service provider. Time of delivery was the main massage and hence logistics play an important role of entering the US e-commerce market.

US consumers want to order online, get what the ordered quickly, and they are getting accustomed to free shipping. Thus, the process from ordering, picking and packing to delivery must be fast, reliable and flawless. “The Amazon Factor has changed the way of thinking logistics. Customers expect their orders delivered right away. In some cities, Amazon is capable of delivering goods to customers within an hour. This challenges the classic way of thinking and handling logistics,” says Jay Frank.

Time means a lot, but not everything. Companies need to be in control of the basics of running business before engaging in the puzzle game of logistics. “It is definitely important for companies to pay attention to location with their target markets in mind, the quality of warehouse storage, and the process of ordering,” tells Jay Frank.

Let LEMAN be your US headquarters

LEMAN provides a full staff of administrative and warehouse professionals with the capability to handle a wide range of warehouse and distribution services integral to optimizing your business.

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Jay Frank
Business Development Manager,
Sturtevant, WI


Thomas Krøyer
CEO of the LEMAN Group,
Greve, Denmark





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