1 June 2018

Changes in Chinese Customs Regulations

China adjusts customs regulations for both import and export

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The Chinese customs authorities introduce adjustments to customs rules in the CCAM (Chinese Customs Advance Manifesto), to ensure smooth customs clearance of goods in and out of China via both sea and air freight.


The main points of the new regulations are:


  • Submission of adequate documents 24 hours before loading. Complete and accurate shipping information must be sent electronically to the Chinese customs authorities 24 hours before loading.
  • The documents must accurately and completely reflect all items in the shipment.
  • Requested information includes consignor and consignee information such as Company Code (known as USCI-no in China) and phone number.


In order to avoid any delays in goods in and out of China, LEMAN recommends that the sender comply with the new regulations.


The new customs regulations will take effect from 1 June 2018.




For further information, please contact your usual LEMAN contact person.



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