17 Jun 2019

More acquisitions to come

Integrations completed and LEMAN is warming up for more

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LEMAN has now integrated the latest acquisitions. Now the Group is warming up for further acquisitions. That is part of the strategy, says CEO Thomas Krøyer to the Danish Transportmagasinet.


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Since Thomas Krøyer was appointed CEO of LEMAN five years ago, the strategy has been to create growth - both through acquisitions and organic growth. And that strategy has not been shelved, says the CEO to Transportmagasinet in connection with the annual report published recently.


- I think we had a reasonable growth in 2018, considering the so-called one-off costs that have been in connection with the relocation of domiciles in both Norway and England and the integration with the acquired companies, says Thomas Krøyer.


- We do not expect to maintain the same growth level this year; but we have gotten off to a good start here in 2019 - and then I hope that we can warm up to some acquisitions, but this will probably not be until next year.


- We still have a lot of potential in the markets in which we are located. Our overall goal is to grow more than the market. We have done this in recent years, and we hope to continue this trend. We have a sensible but also aggressive growth plan, where we must have organic growth combined with acquisitions.


England is one of the markets where LEMAN has experienced the strongest growth. For the past three years, three English companies have been acquired, and are now gathered with LEMAN UK in a new Leeds domicile.


- Leeds is a large industrial area, and LEMAN has historically always had its headquarters in the area. Originally it was in Bradford, then it moved to Leeds and now we have found some suitable premises in Normanton.






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