21 Jun 2019

What did you do this Sunday?

240 committed LEMAN ambassadors hatched

Banner Ambassador Day Extern


If you feel that your usual LEMAN contact has been extra attentive this week, you might be right. 


This Sunday 240 LEMAN employees gathered in our warehouse in Taulov, DK for an inspirational day, focusing on walking that extra mile for our customers. 


For LEMAN, further education always makes sense. Our inheritance makes us proud, but also keeps us humble. We take responsibility and do our best every day.

At this occasion we reminded ourselves to nurse our 120 years of history and keep it safe by investing everything, to the benefit of our customers. 


After a fun day of education and inspiration, you will feel that we are proud and do our very best for you and your business. 


Want to test these claims? We are ready to help you with your transportation and logistics challenges. 






For more information on transportation and logistics, please contact your local LEMAN office.







LEMAN was founded in 1900 as a productive partner for the industry within shipping, transport and logistics. 

The company is still growing and employs approximately 800 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and the United States.

LEMAN has a total disposal of 85,000 m2 terminal and logistics facilities and worldwide network of agents with about 200 import and export routes.




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